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Virtual Internship

Passion Project: Service Learning & Scholarship

If you limit yourself to what is conventional, you prevent yourself from being exceptional. 

Marshall Carroll, Founder of Four Oxen

Major Components of the Virtual Internship

Pursue a Passion

Tackle an issue that needs attention.  Act upon your passion for service and help those who are most vulnerable within our society.

Service Project

Based upon your White Paper and your volunteer experience, you will design, implement, and lead a service project that creates value and helps those who are most vulnerable.


You will perform academic research on a topic, as well as field work.  With support, you will produce a White Paper worthy of publication on the Four Oxen website. 


In addition to your service project, you will lead a fundraising effort to help create infrastructure and provide financial resources for others to pursue Passion Projects. 


In order to better understand the field you are researching and inform your work, you will make contact with various nonprofit, religious, and governmental organizations, and volunteer your time to help support.

Build YOUR Resume

Build your skill set with proven deliverables, and create lasting relationships with leaders who can not only serve as a personal reference, but speak directly to your abilities, work ethic, and commitment to others.


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Image by Andre Mouton

Come As You Are

Interns can be students or working adults. 

Interns may be currently enrolled either part time or full time in an undergraduate or graduate program, a recent graduate, working part time, working full time, etc. Interns may also be an adult looking to commit to a program that will provide structure to make meaningful change in the world.

What is most important is the ability to make and follow through on a commitment to complete the internship once you start.

College Credit

Four Oxen has established ongoing partnerships with multiple universities for whom our Virtual Internship fulfills the requirements of a credit bearing internship.

Four Oxen will continue to  actively pursue partnerships with universities whose student body demonstrates a desire to provide service to vulnerable populations.

To that end, we are on Handshake!  Please let us know if we are not listed on your school's Handshake account.

"Get Proximate"

- Bryan Stevenson

We want to be everywhere, especially in your local community.  By leveraging technology, Four Oxen operates remotely and is able to work with virtual interns anywhere in the country.  This means you can do your virtual internship where you are going to school, where you work, or where you live.  In our interconnected world, we will help you get proximate and provide service to your local community, regardless of whether we are across the country or across the street from each other.  We will rally the herd to support you.

Exploring the Streets

Time Commitment

The Virtual Internship is a major commitment, in the range of 125-200 work hours.


The program is flexible, and is designed to be able to be completed in one semester's worth of work; however, if interns are not constrained by deadlines set by their institution, they might elect to take 6-9 months to finish the requirements due to the collaborative nature and attention to detail needed in service and fundraising projects. 


The internship requirements must be successfully completed within one calendar year.

Old Alarm Clock

Qualities of a Successful Intern

A successful intern will have a passion for service and a desire to help those who are most vulnerable in our society. 


A successful intern will be an inquisitive, critical thinker who is excited about the opportunity to not only study an issue in great depth, but then investigate what is currently being done to engage with that issue.

A successful intern will be a dreamer who will question, explore, and collaborate in designing a project that creates value and helps the vulnerable in a meaningful way. 

A successful intern will demonstrate courage, grit, and resolve; they will dive into the implementation of their project and carry it out to completion.

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