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Timeline of Virtual Internship


Four Oxen hires their first virtual intern, Percy Tse of Rutgers University!!!


Percy begins research on the mask shortage situation in the United States, as well as how the homeless population is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


She initiates her project "Mask Project: Helping the Homeless in Philadelphia" after weeks of research.


Gofundme campaign is launched to fundraise for the #FOmaskthehomelessPHL campaign


3i Products & masklab™️ make an extremely generous donation of 26,000 surgical masks to the #FOmaskthehomelessPHL campaign.

3i Products & masklab™️ were founded in March 2020 in response to the urgent need for masks during the covid-19 pandemic.

Mask Delivery!

Masks are shipped to...

  • Project Home 

  • Sunday Love Project 

  • Cooper Lanning - Camden 

Mask Delivery!

Masks are shipped to...

  • Covenant House PA 

  • People's Emergency Center (PEC) 

  • Cape Regional Recovery Center 

  • Atlantic City Rescue Mission 


Percy’s project is highlighted on News 12 New Jersey.

Mask Delivery!

Masks are shipped to...

  • Rescue Mission of Trenton 

  • Project Home 

  • Prevention Point 

  • Acts Christian Transitional Services (ACTS) 


Percy’s project is featured on the "What's So Great About the Garden State?" segment of New Jersey 101.5!


Tianchi and Watchtower Supplies make a generous donation of 100,000 3-ply masks in adult and children sizes to the #FOmaskthevulnerable campaign! 

Mask Delivery!

Percy delivers masks to...

  • Philadelphia Chinatown Development Center (PCDC) 

  • Philadelphia Suns 

  • On Lok House

  • St. John’s Hospice​

AAWC Recognition.png

Percy is recognized by the Asian American Women's Coalition (AAWC) at their annual meeting for her work orchestrating a service project that has provided over 126,000 covid-19 masks to the homeless and vulnerable in Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.

$1,000 Goal Reached!

Gofundme campaign meets and exceeds the established goal of $1,000.

126,000 Masks Donated

A total of 126,060 masks are donated through Percy’s project.

The end.png
Wrapping up!

Percy publishes a paper on her project and internship experience.


Coming Soon!

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